You may have meant Sonic James (original STC)

Aden James
Sonic james
Vital statistics
Name Aden Sebastian James
Nicknames Sonic, Kitten, Pipehead, Incomplete blueprint, Mr. James, Dweeb
Age 23
Birthday  ???
Species Forestian
Gender Non-binary (he/him pronouns by most, but claims "fluff/fluffs" pronouns)
Catchphrase "Oh yeah!"
First appearance S1E1: The Reaper of Redfield
Role Player
Aden James is the protagonist of the Sonic the Cat series. He is a panromantic, crossdressing, non-binary with a bearded old man fetish and has an obsession with electronic fans. Aden is clinically insane and schitzophrenic but his mother refuses to offer him treatment. He is trapped in a time loop created by Edna Forestia.


Aden is extremely dorky and can be rather "creepy" and intrusive at times, often bothering Kilo in a rather obsessive manner while expressing homosexual interest towards him. He also often harasses strangers in the streets, specifically elderly men with facial hair, flirting with them and usually being slapped. He's really unbelievably open-minded, and accepts literally anything. He's really friendly and loves other people, no matter what they're like or how they treat him. He's really brooding, and often talks to himself, due to his mental disorders.

Depiction in the seriesEdit


Aden identifies as a "non-binary"—which is a common term used to describe someone who feels they do not fit into a male or female gender binary, not relating to their biological sex. Reasons for this are from his extremely feminine habits, such as extreme crossdressing and apparent homosexuality. Despite the fact he doesn't consider himself a male as others would call it, he still refers to himself as a "he."

Bearded Old MenEdit

Aden has an incredibly obscure fetish, known as "Pogonogerontophilia", derived from pogonophilia (attraction to beards) and gerontophilia (attraction to elderly men.) His interest is driven to the point of almost disturbing, considering he owns countless dolls of elderly men, including Mr. Wrinkles. He frequently flirts with elderly men on the streets, but his endeavors are never successful.

Chronic InsanityEdit

Aden, due to being extremely Phaetonic, is chronically insane and suffers from schitzophrenia. He frequently talks to himself, hears voices, and sees things, but all of this is ignored by Ella who thinks he does not need treatment. His mental health becomes a major plot point as his condition grows gradually worse and worse.

Sanic the HedgehugEdit

Aden is a huge fan of a strange video game franchise known as "Sanic," obviously a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog.