In a sequence 7 seconds long, it can consist of OVER 30 FRAMES for simple lyp-sinc and movement combined. The blue x's in this picture are the fades, which are 00.01 seconds long, cutting out that from the 00.03 frame of animation.

Animating is the key element that puts Sonic the Cat together. Character movement is the main way to express emotion and make your characters more believeable.

Framing and TimingEdit

The normal way I use is a 00.03 second frame each time. The frame then fades into the next one using 00.01 seconds of the first frame, and so on. It's mostly visual, sometimes I use illusions to make it look like it moved, but it didn't. 


Talking is another way to express emotion. Depending on what the character is saying in the scene, you have to do different things. I blend the body movement frames with the lyp-sinc frames since I don't use puppets. I have to draw each frame and change the mouth each time. It's not as confusing as it sounds, actually. Combining lyp-sinc and movement for frames can take over 30 frames or even more.