This is a list of characters seen and or mentioned in Sonic the Cat.


Sonic James the Cat

Pitch Forestia the Cat

Vanelle Shahl the Thylacine

Oliver Mince the Coati

Brock Ironfist

Illuminate Midbranch

Rosy Tachibana the Cat

Mokuzai Forestia

Kilo Meters the Fox-cat

Amy Tachibana the Cat

Puncher Redge the Cat

Freya Robinson the Rabbit

Chi the Mouse

Shadow 001

Sally Acorn the squirrel-cat

Lavender James the Cat

Kira James the Cat

Kani James the White Bengal Tiger

The Clock Master

Cycle Forestia

Lurk Forestia

Catch Forestia

Paan Forestia

Alyssa Forestia

Ruby James the Cat

Cosmos Ikfur

Angela James

Blueberry James

Benn Tachibana

Lilly Tachibana

Eleanor Acorn

Rena Acorn

Jefferey Acorn

Candycorn the Rabbit

Micheal Chestnut


Snowball Williams

Eric VI Angelon


Dark Gaia


Techno James the Cat

Valentina James the Cat

Flash James the Cat

Adrianna Meters the fox-rabbit

Katana Meters the Rabbit

Breaker Redge the Cat

Bonkers Redge the Cat

Funnel the Skunk

Jasmine Acorn the squirrel-cat

Flip the wolf-tiger

Flutter the wolf-tiger

Lumière the White Tiger

Foster the Cat

Blizzard the Husky

Mora the Fossa

Antso the Ring-tailed lemur

Senji the elephant shrew

Pisco the Cryptoclidus

Lectar the Possum

Seth the Possum

Akiak the gray wolf

Chinook the grizzly bear

Beech the Hedgehog

Pops the Echidna

Erasmo the Sand Slicer


Avin Redfield

Sasha the Cat

Socks the Cat

Mimi the Cat

Cherribomb the Squirrel

Nutcake the Squirrel

Marquis Kestral

Ellie Kestral

Alana Kyper

Dusk Kyper

Ollie Kyper

Kitt Kyper

Simon Kyper

Scotch Kyper

Alyssa Kyper

Kary Ironfist

Roller Ironfist

Uncle Meters