Destral City is a city in New Stellia. It is the largest city on Forestia. The entire Darkwater Province of Stellia is dominated by Destral City, apart from Sunset Island. Destral City is also home to the international business corperation, the OSC, and to all of the high ranked employees of the corperation. After the Anti-Humanist War, Destral City was made the capital of New Stellia.


Destral City was first founded in 2E025, around the founding of Angelon. However, not many historical buildings remain within the city due to it being a warzone for both the Stellian Revolution and the Anti-Humanist War. For the entire second era, Destral City(known as Darkwater Town then) was the smallest settlement in Angelon. Due to its easy trade access via the Darkwater Rapids, it quickly grew and flourished. By the time the entire continent had become Stellia, Destral City was the second largest settlement on the planet next to Bonslaw City in Archstemina. In 3E371 during the War of Forestia, Destral City grew to the largest city in Forestia. As of the fourth era, its population count is 40,000,000.


  • OSC Main Tower - HQ to the world famous OSC and the second tallest tower on Forestia. It holds over 1,000 working employees.
  • Whiskers Manor - The largest mansion in New Stellia, and the most expensive structure on the continent of Angelon.
  • TVB's Marine Center - Home of TVB, the 2nd largest TV company on Forestia. The second tallest tower in Destral City, fourth on Angelon, and ninth on Forestia.
  • OSCB Library - Largest library on Forestia and home to OSC Books.