The Reaper of Redfield
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date January 9th, 2013
Written by Kitten Trails and Dark
Directed by Kitten Trails
Episode guide
Failure Chapter: 02 Reborn
Failure Chapter: 01 The Reaper of Redfield is the pilot to the Sonic the Cat series.


Sonic, or Aden James, moves to the small village of Avinville and meets a mysterious black cat named Pitch. He has little idea of what she has in store for him...

Episode SummaryEdit

Sonic is shown moving into his house with the help of his friend, Kilo. He drops the box he was carrying, then hurries over to the lightswitch and flips it on and off over and over, only to find there were no lights in the room at all. He blushes, embarrassed, then picks up the box again and walks off. Kilo complains to Sonic about how he had to move into his own house, and probably didn't have time to waste helping Sonic move in. He begs for his friend's help, claiming that Kilo's uncle was already taking care of his place, apparently he is staying with him. Kilo obliges to atleast help him get all his stuff inside.

Later, at night, Sonic is finishing up his packing. He plugs a fan into the wall and looks around the room, and sees one last box. He pulls away the tape and lifts out a picture frame that is not shown. He sheds a tear then goes to sit on his bed, and wonders how "she" is doing. Suddenly, there is a tapping on the window. He turns around nervously, but sees nothing there. He looks back away, but the tapping returns. Annoyed, he turns a second time. A painting of Amy's face is splattered on the window. He screams, and hears a laugh from outside. He glares and marches to the window and pulls it open. Sitting in a tree, is a strange black cat. She agknowlages the fact he had moved in today with his friend. Sonic obliviously asks how she painted that so quickly.


Background informationEdit

  • The Reaper of Redfield is not Pitch.