Gaedon is the  pure, non-harmful variation of Phaeton. Unlike Phaeton, it does not cause harmful problems or brain disfunction, although still causes similar intended side effects such as mutation and supernatural abilities.

It was created in a lab in New Stellia 5 years prior to the Anti-Humanist war in attempt to cure those infected with Phaeton, but it was soon discovered that Gaedon was not a cure but an alternate form of the chemical. Those already infected with Phaeton, however, are not affected by the effects of Gaedon.

Side effectsEdit

The side effects to Gaedon are less severe, and have the same effect as phaeton, but including some unsual others.

Mysterious sleepEdit

The first subject to be tested with Gaedon was Vanessa Harris the Cat, who did indeed recieve the supernatural power, but was sent into a coma of several months. The reason behind her coma is unknown, since many other testees who had been tested were not put into the coma like Vanessa was. Even animals and humans given the exact amount of Gaedon as her did not end up with the strange effect. When she had awoken, she had the powers the other testees had been granted, as if nothing had happened.


Another strange side effect of Gaedon that is different from Phaeton is that all of the testees were formed with strange habits, such as uncontrolled claw scraping, tail and ear twitching, biting down on things such as straws or the ends of pens, and kneading.

Transfer of the MutationEdit

There is no known way to transfer the Gaedon infection.