Out and Under
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date Smarch 33, 2005
Written by FKandFriends
Directed by FKandFriends
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After saving her life for the 17th time, the mayor of RedField Town and Avinville insists Sonic get's more praise for being a hero than he normally does, and Sonic finds himself getting more than he bargained for.

Episode SummaryEdit

Sonic is walking into the town hall of Redfield Town. He opens the door and is immediately greeted by a secretary. The secretary greets him in a fast talking voice and tells him he is just on time, and that the mayor is expecting him. Before he can reply, the secretary grabs him by the chest and starts dragging him inside, and down a corridor. He is dragged back into the Mayor's Office, and waiting for him is Sasha, the mayor of Redfield Town. She races up to him and explains that she couldn't thank him more for the last time he saved her life, and has decided to give him special treatment for being a hero. He begins to tell her it's not nessecary, but the rabbit secretary and a bear lead him out before he can say anything else, and then he is given unusual pampering.

After he finally escapes, he is wandering through Redfield Town and bumps into three young girls. 



Background informationEdit

Production informationEdit

  • This episode introduces Sasha.
  • First episode in which Redfield Town is seen.