Rex the Rabbit
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Normal Rabbit




20(rabbit years), 6(human years)




Fanon Series


Avinville, New Stellia


Black fur with white stripes on ears and white paws with white stripes lining them and pale green eyes


Parents - N/A

Siblings - N/A

Mate - Candle the Rabbit



Rex the Rabbit is a blind, gay rabbit who Kit and Meta meet at their stay at the Nibbler Inn. Rex lives with his mate, Candle the Rabbit. Rex was bullied as a child for being blind.


Early LifeEdit

Rex grew up in Dashington with his unnamed mother. He was born blind, and had to be homeschooled. He often was bullied by other kids on the block for being blind, they insulted him and called him names. He met Candle at a park, Candle didn't understand why he couldn't see, until his mother explained he was blind. Candle wasn't mean to him like other kids, he was friendly and played with him. Rex told Candle about being bullied, and his new friend comforted him. Rex saw Candle was an inspiration to him, and looked up to him - well, technically down, since he was older. When they were older, Candle told Rex he was in love with him. Rex didn't understand love, and told him that he didn't know what he felt. Candle was gentle and accepted that. Rex soon realized he was in love with him, and they became mates.


Rex lives with Candle in Dashinton. He and his rabbit mate soon met Kit and Meta while staying at a hotel in Avinville.


Rex is somewhat grouchy, and doesn't like others to see him as handicapped and prefers to do things on his own - he doesn't mind it when Candle does it, though. Rex is also very caring and trustful. 


Candle the Rabbit
Rex the Rabbit

Main AbilitiesEdit

  • Rex can hear and smell things at an extreme level, which can tell him what's going on - he may not be able to see, but he isn't an idiot. He also can read emotions.

Character DesignEdit

Rex is a black rabbit with pale, green, sightless eyes and white stripes on his ears with white paws and white stripes lining them.



Unknown skills.


Unknown fears.

Other DetailsEdit

Rex may be blind, but he  can tell what's going on around him easily - and isn't as blind as you might think.