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  • Sonic the Cat (everyone)
  • The Fastest Thing Alive (himself)
  • Kitten (Eggman)
  • Blueprint (Bill)


Intersex [1]


Cat (also referred to as a "furry") [2][3]


Bisexual [4] (formerly avidly heterosexual) [5][6][7][8][9][10][11]


23 years old

Sonic the Cat is the titular main protagonist of the Sonic the Cat franchise (particularly Sonic the Cat and Friends). He is a supersonic cyan-furred anthropomorphic cat, who gained the ability to run at alarmingly fast speeds after nearly drowning in a river full of Phaeton. Despite the cheery appearance of the series and his seemingly comical personality, Sonic actually is a victim of a severe case of psychological trauma and abuse, disguised as slapstick humor. Sonic is the internet fursona of Anastasia Valentine.

Lifetime Edit

Early Life Edit

His name prior to being known as "Sonic" is never revealed in the original arc, but later it is found to be Oscar. At three years old [12] while out with his sister Sonia, Sonic fell into a river full of Phaeton. [13] The chemical in the water turned his fur glistening cyan and his eyes green, and gave him an ability to withstand extreme speeds up to 500 m/ph. [14] As a result of the incident Sonic gained extreme aquaphobia. This extreme phobia as a result of the traumatic experience was later mocked in life by his peers. [15] Sonic does not see his brother or sister any more [16] it is never made entirely clear as to why- Sonic is very reluctant to speak of it [17] but it seems likely it is related to the drowning incident.

Original Run Edit

Sonic started the blog with Knuckles, not introducing everyone prior to it, just saying "Ask us anything!" We immediately learn that Sonic has a dislike for fanfiction. [18] Prior to the creation of the blog, Amy had been chasing Sonic for years trying to get him to return her romantic feelings (which he did not reciprocate.) One night, while in heat, [19] Amy drugged Sonic with some kind of narcotic via a needle [20][21] and had non-consensual sex with him while he was unconscious [22] [23] and got herself pregnant. Despite the fact Sonic was traumatized [24] by the incident, she gave birth to their daughter Lavender. Their child was born with them not in a relationship, and Sonic was still trying to get away from her but Amy had already sunk her talons in deep and because he was the father, she insisted he was obligated to take care of her too. Lavender was very confused about her parents relationship and did not understand why they were not together, so she asked her father if he liked her mother. [25] He said yes, but was not aware that Lavender was recording this and would use it against him and show her mother proof that he reciprocated her feelings. Sonic knew he was going to have no choice but be in a relationship if he didn't want to break their- his-- daughter's heart. [26] Sonic tried to enjoy this and convince himself this is what he should want, that it was the right thing. [27] At the same time, Sonic began being pestered by his best friend Tails who had romantic feelings that he did not reciprocate, [28][29][30] and Tails would make romantic advances on Sonic before and during [31][32][33] his relationship with Cream (who seemed indifferent or unaware to her partner's feelings and actions towards Sonic.)

After their relationship began, Sonic immediately started being regularly beaten by Amy [34][35][36][37] repeatedly in which she would brutally beat him with her hammer if he did anything she did not like.[38] Amy's anger grew extremely prominent [39] and even began to scare their daughter Lavender extremely to the point Sonic would cradle her while she sobbed in fear. [40] It is hinted that this was because Amy was undergoing mood swings because she had gotten pregnant, Sonic expressed that he was afraid she would "hate him" for getting her pregnant, [41] though it is extremely likely because of later events that the sex was forced and non-consensual, but because he was (most-likely) conscious, Amy sifted blame upon him and made him feel like he was in the wrong. Sonic had convinced himself that he was in love with Amy and that she was a blessing and he was the wrong one, and that he wouldn't give her up for anything in the world. [42] Soon Valentina is born. When Amy breastfeeds Valentina Sonic expresses extreme discomfort with her nudity [43] which she simply scolds him for. Sonic is fought over [44] by Tails and Amy who are learnt to be sworn enemies due to their simultaneous feelings for Sonic. Sonic was dared by Knuckles to have sex with Amy, which he was uncomfortable with. [45] If he were to not do it, Knuckles would have put him down for it, though he ends up putting him down anyway and calling Sonic gross for actually doing it. [46] Knuckles actually is very cruel and puts down Sonic in general and calls him the worst person in the world. [47][48] Soon, Flash, their third child is born. Sonic and Amy have had consensual sex that Sonic seemed to start, only under the word as them being described as "bad". It is possible that even though Sonic consented to some of these encounters (and has even started some of them himself) this was all part of trying to convince himself that he is supposed to want this, and that if he expressed any more resistance everyone would shun him further.Tails had already been mocking him for his paranoia and phobia due to his childhood trauma. [49]

There was a point in time Amy actually confessed to knowing all the things she had done had been horribly wrong [50][51] and that "somehow Sonic managed to love her anyway" as if it had been some sort of breakthrough, and that she hadn't completely trapped and forced him into the relationship they'd begun. On Sonic's birthday, he is very tense and stressed out because "he already knows he won't be sleeping tonight" [52] which means he knows Amy is going to want to have sex with him on his birthday, and this stresses him out (he clearly does NOT want to.) A week or so after, Amy finds out she's pregnant, and her immediate reaction is going to beat Sonic [53] and yell and blame him [54] when the reality is, Sonic didn't want to do it in the first place, so its completely blatant she is manipulating him. Immediately after she seems very happy to be pregnant [55] and Sonic reveals that when she beat him, she actually broke his arm. Sonic actually believes that he is the one preventing Amy from sleeping [56] with the sex that she forces him to have, he geniunely is convinced he is negatively affecting her by something that he isn't even doing. Tamma and Rose are born as unusual fraternal twins (from two separate acts of sexual intercourse.) After the twins are born, anons start suggesting that they get Sonic spayed. Tails then tries to force him to be castrated [57] to which he later described "was just caring for him." [58] In general, Tails is grossed out by Sonic's sexual relationship with Amy and actually regularly mocks and scolds him for it. [59] Not long after this, Cream rapes Tails to which she described was "learning from her best friend". [60] Amy actually kicks Sonic out of their bedroom when angry. [61] Shadow is also known for being very unkind to Sonic [62][63] and others. [64] Amy claims that if Sonic were to punch her she would punch back, but Sonic claims he would never touch her for any reason. [65] Upon being asked if they were to break up, Sonic imagines his entire life would fall apart around him (including the relationships he has with everyone else and their relationships) because he is completely dependent on Amy and the others for his happiness, [66][67][68] this is one of the first major signs of his DPD.

The Ace arc is momentarily interrupted with Sonic being fed up with people demanding he kiss Tails so he finally caves and does it and kisses him, despite showing extreme resentment to doing this. [69]

Halloween Arc Edit

The gang hangs out at a cheap run-down hotel for Halloween, leaving the kids to stay with Amy's sister Rosie. The group is surveying the building when immediately the first thing to go wrong is Cream assaults Sonic [70] and hits his head on a table, causing his eye to be punctured and disfigured. [71][72] The damage was bad enough to last several weeks. [73][74][75][76][76][77][78][79][80][81] Don't forget, Amy already starts beating him again even with his injury. [82] She claims that she would never beat up Tails, even if she dislikes him, because she's not "the old her." [83]

Seventh Arc Edit

Lavender walks inside the house in the middle of the night, torn up and tattered, covered in cuts and blood, and Amy is extremely angry with her. [84] Her mother immediately starts yelling at her and demands explanations, which wakes up Sonic. [85] Sonic gets snapped at for being clueless and put down as if he's an idiot for not knowing. When Amy forces Lavender along to clean her up, Sonic watches them walk out, staring aimlessly and hurt. [86]

Ace Edit

It is raining heavily. Sonic wakes up a knock at the door to find Tails standing there shivering, soaking wet. Sonic is feeling rather depressed. [87] They let Tails inside and Amy is annoyed to see him. [88] Sonic offers him to stay the night and Tails is slightly disgusted at the thought of being in their home. [89] That night at dinner Amy goes to bed early because she is not feeling well. The next morning Amy makes pancakes despite her obvious depression and starts feeding them to Sonic and pulls out a bucket while he's eating. [90] She breaks the news to Sonic that she is pregnant and it immediately causes him to vomit. [91] Tails overhears Sonic freaking out over this and he twitches eye before he literally faints. [92] When Tails wakes up he is stark raving mad and raged with Sonic [93] only to pretend to calm down even if he is very angry inside. [94] He threatens Sonic by insisting he has no more kids. Tails then has a showdown with Amy who he is still mad at. [95] Amy throws a pancake at Tails and cuts him physically with it, which causes him to collapse. [96] When Tails wakes up again, Sonic braces for him to slap him, only to be slapped by Amy. [97] This may imply Tails has physically abused Sonic in the past because of his acceptance of being ready for it to happen. Amy breaks Sonic's arm AGAIN during Ace's birth. [98][99][99]

Revived Edit

The blog died on December 20th, 2013. [100] When this happened Sonic was cut off from his friends for a year and a half, in absolute darkness and silence. He described this desolation as being completely numb to any sensations and feeling completely broken. [101] Without them, without the interactions of asks, Sonic felt completely incapable of anything. He literally could not function without anyone or being guided. The darkness was lit up as he was suddenly greeted by Lil BUB's giant floating head. Lil BUB describes herself as God and tells Sonic that he is in "the land of the forgotten tumbles" (later correctly named The Tumblr Graveyard by Bill) and that his blog had died. She pities him until suddenly it is seen that in the darkness Sonic receives an ask, and BUB tells him that there might be hope for him. [102] Sonic doesn't believe in himself or his capability to answer it, and has to be encouraged in order to do it. [103] The ask errupts into a plethora of messages in the inbox and Sonic finds a bunch of asks still waiting in silence. There is one new ask that stands out among the others. From the anonymous icon Bill climbs out and startles Sonic, referring to him as "Blueprint." [104] Bill already knows who he is, but Sonic doesn't even seem to at first until he's told. [105] Sonic's appearance is extremely messy, which he doesn't even really realize until he's told. [106] Immediately Sonic starts looking for his friends. [107] With help he does find Silver and Blaze who he expresses he does not care about. [108] Two shadowy figures stand behind Silver and Blaze, one of them giggling maniacally. [109] The other tells the giggling one to shut up and they start arguing, only to be noticed by Sonic and Bill. Bill uses his magic to cause Silver and Blaze to spontaneously explode and reveals standing behind them was Sigma and Stella.[110] Bill freaks out, terrified to see the two which he obviously knows. [111] Bill starts arguing with the twins, until Sonic breaks down crying from overstimulation and having no idea what was happening. [112] Stella kneels down beside Sonic to console him and introduces herself and Sigma. [113] She reveals that she and Sigma are reapers that archive data in The Tumblr Graveyard. Bill is their superior, or the head reaper in archival. Bill and Sigma do not get along. [114] An ask informs Sonic that Silver and Blaze may have been the only key to finding his friends again [115] prompting a long silence from Sonic, and he quickly turns to Bill and begs him to bring Silver and blaze back to life, pulling his bowtie. Bill agrees, blushing from the action, which Sonic adds a strong "NO HOMO" to doing. Bill explains that to do this they must make a "deal" (or an exchange) for something worth the lives of Silver and Blaze. [116] Sonic expresses that he is "not about to sell his soul over two boring side characters." Bill pulls up a chart based on the worth of his existence and discovers they are equivalent to the cheese in his name. Sonic expresses depression at this and shows strong feelings for the cheese, but the cheese has only been mentioned one time. As Bill puts it, "his affections are bullshit." [117] Silver and Blaze are revived as ghosts and Silver starts asking where they went, and Sonic is disappointed to find out he means pizza hut, not his friends. [118] Sonic finds out that there is no real benefit to having revived them, and some asks influence him to search all of Tumblr for his friends. He races up to Bill to drag him along. [119]

They enter the Tumblr village of Fazville [120] in search of his friends. Sonic is creeped out by the barrenness of the town. Sigma and Stella catch up to them and distract Bill long enough for Sonic to run out of sight. [121] Sonic wanders off and finds a pizza parlor, to which he runs into the door of. [122] Sonic is then tackled by Chica who he thinks is a duck until corrected. Once corrected Sonic goes savage and tries to eat her. [123][124]

Personality Edit

Sonic portrays a fully fed ego but seems to have further insecurities. He feels like he has no self worth beyond how others perceive him and if it isn't good then he isn't good. Sonic has very black-and-white thinking and his dependence on others for guidance, self appearance, and care is obviously caused by DPD but he is very self-critical. He puts himself down a lot and beats himself up, despite pretending he thinks that he's the best. Sonic's out persona is very different than who he really is inside, a timid and self-loathing pessimist who cannot do much on his own. A lot of his character is obviously influenced by abuse he's experienced. He feels like he has no say or value in anything and only is there to be with others, and everyone else is above him. Only there to save and be there for others, but not himself. He makes humor out of his depression and self-loathing to go with his out persona that is seemingly cocky and arrogant.

Mental Health Edit

Stockholm Syndrome Edit

Sonic has severe stockholm syndrome as a result of his sexual and psychological abuse from Amy and others around him. Sonic grew extremely attached to his abusers (particularly Amy) under the delusional belief that he was the one that was in the wrong for feeling any resistance at all for his family and friends. He blamed himself for the sexual abuse Amy put him through and was convinced he was the one keeping her awake when it was Amy who forced and pressured him into having sex with her. Sonic developed an extreme self-loathing complex as a result of everyone else also blaming him for his own abuse, scolding and ridiculing him for having so many children and putting him at fault for every single pregnancy that Amy had. He loves Amy and everyone else with the reason at heart "because that's the right thing to do." If he did not love her or any of the others, he was bad, he was wrong.

Dependent Personality Disorder Edit

As another result of the psychological abuse Sonic endured, he developed a critical case of DPD. Sonic literally cannot do anything without the guidance of others. During arcs, before and after revival, he has no idea what he's supposed to do unless the anons tell him. Sonic also feels like if he did not have Amy, or were to break up with her, his entire life would literally fall apart. When the blog most literally died, Sonic was separated from his friends, and he felt completely worthless and had no confidence in himself at all. Even once he finally does anything, he still is constantly asking Lil BUB or Bill or others what he's supposed to do. The first thing he does when alive again is he wants to find his friends, which ultimately confirms that this is all he considers happiness in his life, without them he is most literally nothing, to stay alive he needs them there with him.

Controversy Edit

The dark turn taken during the revived arc prompted a lot of discourse between readers of the blog, arguing that Amy's actions were exaggerated, and that it was forced. The reality is the mod did not plan this but rather realized it was wrong in the first place. It was news for everyone and that would be the intentional way it'd been perceived.

Trivia Edit

  • His real name is Oscar [125] and he has three references to food in his name (Sonic, Oscar Meyer, and Cheese) This is probably an allusion to him sharing the name of the fast-food restaurant.
  • His blood is cyan yet he still blushes pink.


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