Map of Stellia.




The culture in Stellia is very urban, and very segregational. Animal races were seen as inferior beasts and frowned upon by most humans. Stellia is known for being the richest country with the most homeless citizens. The culture is very similar to that of America and Japan on Earth.

Connection to the PlotEdit

Stellia is the main starting point of Sonic the Cat and related works.


  • Angelon: Angelon is mostly dusty badlands and sandy beaches. However, to the north there's a dry tundra just south of a frozen tundra. A small mountain rage runs through the middle portion of Angelon fron east to west.
  • The Anodas: To the south, The Anodas are composed entirely of sandy, tropical beaches and the biggest crop fields in all of Stellia. North of the Darkwater province is the Great Anoda Desert, the hottest desert on Forestia. North of the desert is a lush taiga, and to the west are lots of lush pine forests.
  • Destral City: Almost all of the Darkwater Province is a part of Destral City, except for Sunrise Island. The entire province is made of nothing but urban, concrete jungles and murky swamps.
  • Thundus: The Thunder Province is made almost entirely of fields and forests, apart from the Thunder Hills and the Thunder Mountains surrounding Mt. Thunder, the highest mountain on Forestia. To the south on the New Alberic Peninsula lies a colossal oak forest.
  • Akurei: Akurei is composed entirely of the great Akurei Forest, the largest pine forest on Forestia. Part of the forest extends to the easternmost parts of The Anodas.
  • Moon Island: Moon Island is a desolate, frozen island and almost completely unpopulated. Very few trees are able to grow on the island.
  • The Island of Cat Tails: The divine Ibby made her home on The Island of Cat Tails; an island that is half forest(north) half grassland(south).
  • Sunset Island: This island is nothing but a gigantic tropical jungle with a few towns.
  • Lovecrest Island: The beaches of Lovecrest island stretch inward for miles, and at the island's center is the Lovecrest Mountain.
  • Clam Islands: Each of the Clam Islands is very tropical and very dense in flora.